How to Download Any TikTok Video Free on Your Phone and Pc

Tiktok know as the most popular social networking application in the world today. Top1 prevailing on the charts of the Appstore as well as Google Plays

Today, when the short video platform is attracting thousands of people in the music video community, Tik Tok is very popular and used by 150 million people. Viewed as a TikTok mobile app that allows us to record music clips and edit them, there is also a list of unique background music.

Here are some ways to download videos from tiktok app: is a tool to download Tiktok videos online to your device without sticking to the logo (Watermark) or the id of the person who uploaded the video. You do not need to install any additional software or application on your computer or phone.

Method 1: Download videos directly from tiktok application

One of the easiest ways to download tiktok videos to your phone every time you watch a good, meaningful video and want to download it. Very simply, you just need to open the video on the tiktok app, then you just need to hold your hand on the phone screen for about 2 seconds, then it will show the items including the video save (save video), you Just click to download the video to your device.

Another way if you can not download as above: you will find the share (usually with the arrow tilts to the right) then navigate to the video save and click it is done. This method of downloading is very fast and effective, but it has one drawback that many tiktok users do not like is that each downloaded video displays the tiktok logo above the video along with the user's id.

Method 2: Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark
and user id

This method of downloading videos will be very useful for users because the downloaded video is like an original video, does not contain any logos.

For users using phones running the Android operating system, it is quite easy to do and does not need to download any additional applications. The first thing to do on tiktok video download using this method is that you need to copy the video link you want to download.

Next, you need to visit Tiktok Downloader and paste the link into the toolbar in the middle of the page. Wait a few seconds and then you just need to press the "download" button to be able to download videos on tiktok without the tiktok logo anymore.

Specific steps for your reference are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Tiktok App on your phone

Step 2: You've found a video that you want to download, click on the Share Link for the video

Step 3: After that, tiktok will give you different options. Click the Copy Link of the video by clicking the copy link button

Step 4: After copying, you will exit the tiktok application and access the website, paste the link in the search section of the page and press the Download button

Step 5: You will get the option to download links to download your video easily.

How can you download tiktok videos when using on a computer?

Step 1: First, you visit the website, find yourself a video that you love and want to download it to your computer.

Step 2: Click the share and then select the copy link to be able to copy the video link.

Step 3: After copying the links, paste them in the search box above the page, click the download button and select the download quality to download.

The salient features of Tiktok Downloader:

- Support to download and download Tiktok videos for free on any device: Mobile, PC, tablet. (Tiktok only allows users to download videos on mobile applications)

- The downloaded video is of high quality, and there will be no tiktok logo nor the uploader id

- The download is completely free, some ads are placed on us to maintain operation and support for better site development.

Here are the most common questions regarding our service.

Do users have to pay to download tiktok videos?

The site is free, it supports the maximum of downloading videos on your tiktok quickly and easily. You can assist us by turning off your ad blockers, which assists us in further development.

A lot of people use iphone, so how to download tiktok video to iphone?

Apple has a very high privacy policy, so downloading a video or movie from your browser is difficult. However, we have come up with a method to download tiktok videos to iphone in the above article. Please follow the steps in the article to be able to download videos to iphone devices.

Where is my tiktok video saved after downloading?

Normally, the video after downloading will be displayed immediately in your photo and video library. Some downloaded files on Android devices are usually stored in the download folder if you set as the default.

Storing videos after downloading is usually due to your device settings, and the download also optimizes and quickly transfers it to the easiest directories for you.

Does FancyTik store videos every time you download them? never stores videos that users download. We also do not keep copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on tiktok's server.

We also do not track or save any user's download history, so using Tiktok Downloader is extremely safe and like you are using an incognito window to search.